The Air installation will be filled with light activated pinwheels that spin faster when there is less light and slower when there is more light. The hope is that this installation will contain 200-300 pinwheels all in the same location. The intention is for users to move through the environment, with their movement serving as the impetus that will trigger the pinwheels to move. This will be accomplished by controlling the light sources in the room so that as users move through the space they will create shadows. These shadows will act as the mechanism for triggering the pinwheels to move faster or slower. Creating the pinwheel design was accomplished by combining several simple electrical components together in a battery powered circuit. For more information about the specifics of the design and circuit, see below.​

Pinwheel Circuit

Circuit Diagram Created with Fritzing​

The pinwheel circuit includes:

(1) 5mm Photocell​

(1) Toy DC Motor​

(1) 10K potentiometer​

(1) 2.2 K Resistor​

(1) 1.8 Ohm Resistor

(1) 2n2222 NPN Transistor​

(1) 1N4007 Diode​

(1) Breadboard

(1) Battery Case​

(4) AAA Batteries

Pinwheel Blade Template

Created in Adobe Illustrator 

Pinwheel Coupling

Attaches pinwheel to the toy dc motor

Created in Fusion 360

Pinwheel Housing

Created with Adobe Illustrator

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