Trailer No Doors

About No Doors

For my MFA thesis project I am built a series of interactive interdisciplinary installations that engaged the viewer as a participant in creating the sights and sounds that defined the work. The exhibition utilized cross-platform mediums connected to technology for the enhancement of the artistic presentation, by combining the digital world with the physical world. These installations combined movement, sculpture, production design, and various forms of media and technology.


No Doors was a collection of interactive interdisciplinary installations that had a central theme that was loosely based on five different elements -- water, fire, air, earth, and spirit. 


Each installation existed in its own individual room.  All rooms were accessible to, and affected by the movement and/or physical touch of the participants who entered the space. Each installation engaged participants directly through some combination of the tactile, audible, and visual senses.


In other words:

• Each installation was tied to an element (water, fire, air, earth, and spirit).

• Each installation had its own room.

• Each room could be entered into and was affected by the participants.

• Each installation was usually triggered by the movement and/or touch of the participants.

• Each installation affected tactile, audible, and visual senses within the participant.

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