The Edge of Balance

Submitted by: Jennifer Petuch

University: Florida State University 

Director: Jennifer Petuch

Cinematographer: Jennifer Petuch

Performers: Barbara Meulener

Music: Ronnie W Verboom and Marco Zannone

Program Note: The Edge of Balance captures a moment when the natural world becomes imbalanced. This film depicts a girl empowered to fix her teetering world. In a race against time she is able to create homeostasis, the balance in nature. This work was created in Spring 2016 filmed at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park in Tallahassee, Florida. I wanted to explore creative tools of perspective and vantage points, particularly canted angles. I developed a plot for a soloist to interact with nature in an innovative way to make it appear as if the natural world was tilting and she was the only being who had the ability to fix it. This film is a metaphor for the power of the determined woman and the control she possesses in the balance in her own life.

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