The Necessity of Others

Submitted by: John McWilliams

University: Ohio University 

Director: John McWilliams

Cinematographer: Jake Allgeier, Max Goldentul, Owen Kresse, John Christian McWilliams

Performers: Emma Lucas, Clare Kresse

Music: Harry Patch (in Memory of) by Radiohead

Program Note: The Necessity of Others is a site specific dance film created for two dancers. The focus of the film was on the collaboration between all of the artists involved. I do not wish to give over my interpretation of the film or the choreography because I believe that everyone's opinion is valid. There is no story, or motive behind the creation of this film that is any more meaningful or correct than any viewer's opinion. This film is not a dance video, or an interpretation of the music, therefore I would like to claim artistic abstraction as the description of the film. The title is nothing more than a title, and perhaps an insight to my interpretation of the film. However, that is not to say that my interpretation is correct or even more valuable than anyone else's--for that reason the title appears last. 

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