When The Time Is Right

Submitted by: Jennifer Petuch

University: Florida State University

Director: Jennifer Petuch

Cinematographer: Jennifer Petuch 

Performers: Ircarmar Garcia

Music: Brian Petuch

Program Note: Reflecting nature, we witness profound life-change through a personal metamorphosis. "When the Time is Right" captures the transformational moment of an individual breaking free from the years of her past culminating into something beautiful and passionate. This film was created in the School of Dance tech lab at Florida State University in the summer of 2015.

As I completed my first year of graduate school, I felt like I had gone through a personal metamorphosis finally feeling recognized and appreciated for my artistic contributions and voice. Because of my love of nature, I felt a personal connection to the transformation of a butterfly. The years of training, performing, and teaching dance all contributed to nurturing my growth and development as a dancer, choreographer, and artist. This film captures how I felt emerging from my personal chrysalis.

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