The Air installation will be composed of 200-300 light activated pinwheels that spin faster when there is less light and slower when there is more light. Each pinwheel takes roughly 30-45 minutes to construct and would take me roughly 150 hours in total to complete myself.


In order for me to finish this installation on time, I knew I would need to solicit the help of others.  One of my thesis committee members suggested that I host a maker workshop. Not only would this workshop solve my time issues, but it would also allow me to engage with a larger community of people. The pinwheel project is great for students/people who are interested in learning more about circuits and sensors and is perfect for varying backgrounds and skill levels.


My hope in hosting this maker workshop is to provide an opportunity for the community that is educational, fun, and rewarding. Participants will learn about the components necessary to make these pinwheels work, will have an opportunity to construct a pinwheel themselves, and will have the opportunity to retrieve their pinwheel after my thesis exhibition has concluded its run. If you are a student, a parent, a teacher, or just someone interested in making neat things, I invite you to sign-up for a maker workshop. The workshops are free and open to anyone. Registration is required.

Click here to register for the 11/2/17 Pinwheel: Maker Workshop

Click here to register for the 1/16/18 Pinwheel: Maker Workshop

For more information about the specifics of the pinwheel design and circuit, click here.​

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